COPS-PIC Norms and Reliabilities

The COPS Picture Inventory of Careers (COPS-PIC) norms are based on 1,930 students in grades 6-12 from across the United States. There are still significant differences found on some of the scales for males and females, justifying separate norms by gender. No significant differences were found by region or grade level so the norms are combined for these groups. Reliabilities, intercorrelations and additional validity data are reported in the COPS-PIC Manual.

Reliabilities for the scales ranged from .84 to .93, with a median of .89. The Manual also includes a more in-depth description of how to use the COPS-PIC scoring keys. The most recent profile sheet has the norms for males and females presented in the same manner as in the past. The four-page Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide includes updated pictures to facilitate occupational exploration.