How to use the COPSystem VIA Results

The COPSystem VIA results are used in a wide variety of settings with many diverse populations such as students in school, college students deciding on majors, adults in transition, vocational rehab clients, and military personnel in transition. The results are an excellent tool to use for all of these populations

Once the scores have been interpreted such that the examinees understand their interests, abilities, and work values they are guided to the Summary Section of the Results Page. This section has links to each career cluster that in turn link the examinee to the COPSystem VIA Career Briefs database. 

The Career Briefs are a database of over 1,300 job descriptions with information about each job such as training, educational requirements, skills, salary, future outlook, and links to outside sources of information.  The “oh wow” moment of the career exploration process occurs when the client and counselor explore the cross reference section to see how these occupations relate to abilities and values, and directly to occupational listings posted on the O*Net. The final step is the direct link to current job postings on

To help the student there is information on the level of education required in each occupation and a list of college majors on our COPSystem VIA Career Guide (at the bottom of the Results Page). There are worksheets that are useful in developing high school planning and for those that need it, information that helps in completing an IEP. The link to additional related occupations and the direct link to are useful for those examinees further along in the career exploration process that are immediately planning on entering or returning to the job market.