Remote Testing Procedures

Remote Testing Video Conference Call

During the past year we have all had to adjust the new norm of remote working. One of those big adjustments is how to proctor in a remote testing situation. The online version of the COPSystem VIA can easily be adapted to fit this need. Our recommendation is to use a conferencing application so that you can view the testing process while communicating with your clients. The share screen feature will allow you to monitor your clients responses while they are answering items and the video option will allow you to view them.

The easiest way to complete this process is to use the Add Examinee option to create the sign in for your client. This will allow you to control the sign in credentials and control when they sign into the system. If you are using a shared computer be sure to sign out of your account. Arrange the meeting with the client and instruct them to go to They sign into the system with the username and password that you created for them.

The only other part of the remote testing process that is a little different is setting up your clients with the CAPS Manual Speed and Dexterity Test (MSD). There are several ways to approach this with remote testing. If your client has a printer, the PDF for MSD can be downloaded and printed locally and you can time them during the meeting session. Once the test is completed the test page can be scanned and emailed or an image of it can be texted to you for scoring. With either method you then score MSD and enter the score for the client.

You do this by signing into your account and selecting the Results tab. Then from the Actions column on the right select the plus sign. This will open a dialog box that prompts you to enter the MSD score and at that time you can also change the norm group associated with the client.

The alternative work around for the MSD is to have your client select the option: I did not take the test. Then they are prompted to estimate their score by entering either Below Average, Average, or Above Average.

Once the remote testing process is completed Results will be immediately available to the counselor. Another good resource for information on Remote testing is available by accessing the presentation given by Mary Barros Bailey at the 2020 IARP Virtual Conference.