The EAP Has Landed

We are excited to announce that the new version of the EdITS Assessment Platform (EAP) launched on March 14, 2019. We enhanced the user interface and added new features that make it easier to use.

New Features:

Replaced the Manage Button
We replaced the “Manage” button with icons. You can now click the icons to access your group content. You can also click directly on the group name, or products to open the information or available products screens.

Add Examinees from within your administrator dashboard
Now you can add examinees from your group examinee list. From your dashboard, click the Examinee Icon to open the group examinee list. Click on the tab that says, “Add Examinee.” Complete the registration page and they are ready to test. Remember, the examinee must sign in using their username and password to take their test.

Changed Tokens to Passcodes
With our new passcodes, you get the same features of the tokens, with the added benefit of having multiple products within each group. To view your new passcodes, click on the “Products Icon” from your dashboard, or click on the link in the products column. This will open a list of your available products in that group. Each available product has a passcode associated with it. You can use this passcode the same way you used the token, when an examinee signs up, they will be able to enter a passcode and take one of your tests.

Please remember, that your old tokens have been deleted and they will not work. You must use your new passcodes moving forward.