Why Choose the COPSystem

The COPSystem is Unique
It is one of the few assessment packages that includes the measurement of three components that are critical to career exploration, selection, and satisfaction. The COPSystem measures:

  • Values – what is important to you?
  • Interests – what do you like to do?
  • Abilities – what are you good at?

Valid and Reliable
The COPSystem has been in wide use for over 50 years with a proven history of research that supports its accuracy and usefulness in career exploration and choice. Over 65% of the time the COPSystem results match a future college major or occupational choice. A summary of the reliability and validity is available here.

Easy to Use
The COPSystem is easy to administer and easy to explain to clients so they can understand the results. The results are organized into logical career clusters that link to an occupational database of over 1,300 job descriptions that include training, salary, expected outlook, and links to both O*Net and live job postings powered by Indeed.com.

Has a Wide Variety of Options to Meet your Client Needs
The COPSystem is a completely accessible package that is available as a web-based application or also available in paper/pencil in those situations where there is limited internet access. It is also available in Spanish translations for both paper and online formats. It is completely accessible to screen reader applications for people that are sight impaired. The inventories are written at a sixth grade reading level.

Works for all Educational Levels
Norms are available for educational levels of grade 7-12, college and adult. Other forms are available for school children and non reading adults.

Results That Work
The COPSystem is the optimal tool for use in the career exploration. When clients review their results they have the “oh wow this is me” experience that makes the entire process useful, worthwhile and enjoyable. It is educational and allows test takers to learn something about themselves and their options for many career paths in the process.